Driveway Tipp City Ohio

Driveway Installation & Repairs

We provide full driveway installation and repair services for both commercial and residential customers. Our driveway services include:

  • New Gravel Driveway Installation
  • Water & Pothole Repairs
  • Gravel & Grade Existing Driveway
  • Blue Driveway Stone Delivery
  • Install French Drains when Necessary
  • Hauling Dirt Offsite
  • Parking Area Installation & Repairs

Gravel is a popular choice for both driveways and parking lots due to its low cost, ease of maintenance, and natural beauty. When compared to the alternative choices like asphalt and concrete, crushed gravel is an obvious choice – especially with longer driveways or larger parking lots. The process of driveway excavating in Piqua, Ohio is quick and the gravel surface can be laid and leveled the very next day. As a result, gravel surfaces may be driven on sooner than any other option. Every good driveway or parking lot starts with a plan. Site layout and drainage are an important part of
the planning process. Once the design has been completed, presented, and agreed upon, the area is then staked out in order to visualize the final location.
The process of driveway excavation begins with the removal of the topsoil. In order to reduce the required maintenance of the finished gravel surface, a good base layer is necessary. All topsoil that has been removed will be hauled off-site. A base layer of gravel will be laid, leveled, and compacted. In most cases, the base layer is followed by a second layer of compacted gravel before the final top layer is added.
While the gravel driveway or parking lot is considered to be self-draining, there are times when further drainage may be needed. Proper drainage is necessary to prevent rutting due to excessive water and ice buildup throughout the year. Perhaps one of the best choices for drainage of any gravel surface is the use of French drains. This technique is very effective and efficient at removing excess moisture buildup from
the area, which prevents the formation of potholes and ruts in the underlying layers.
Like any driveway or parking lot surface, regular maintenance is a necessary requirement. As a result of use, over time ruts will develop in the underlying levels of gravel and this requires routine leveling. In most cases, complete driveway excavation is not necessary to fix issues in the underlying layers. Locally quarried blue gravel stone provides rustic and natural curbside appeal to any home. It is a popular
choice for both residential and commercial use in the Tipp City, Ohio area due to its high durability and natural beauty. So, whether you are installing a new driveway or parking lot, seeking to maintain an existing one, or just looking for the delivery of gravel for your own personal project, we have the ability to meet your needs.

Blue Driveway Stone

In addition to our driveway installation and repair services, we sell and deliver Blue Driveway Stone. Blue Driveway Stone is a first choice by many homeowners due to how nice it looks after installation & how long it lasts.

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