Indoor & Outdoor Storage

We have recently expanded our portfolio to include Indoor & Outdoor RV Storage. Our storage facility is a 50×80 building located in Piqua, OH. This building is in a great location and is secured. It is large enough to store:

  • Motor Coaches
  • Campers
  • Equipment
  • Trucks
  • Supplies 

We do have enough space for outside storage as well, for Campers, Equipment, and Motor Coaches. Looking forward to talking with you on your storage needs. 

As the warm summer months fade into cooler fall evenings, many owners of RVs, like birds, migrate further south during the winter months. Others, instead opt to store their recreational vehicle for the season. For many new owners of RVs, the storage of them for the season is an important one. And although some may opt to store on their own private property, others may opt for a more professional approach.

Recreational vehicles are not cheap investments, and as a result, security is an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to storing that RV for long periods of time. In recent years the number of cases of vandalism against RVs stored in people’s driveways has risen significantly. Because recreational vehicles are a target to criminals, it is important to make sure that they are secure, and monitored whenever they are not in use.

There are several factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing RV storage. The first of these factors is the cost. The actual cost of storage depends on things such as location, and the size of the RV. The larger it is, and closer to the city, the more expensive the fees will be.

The next important factor is the specific type of storage. There are three different forms of storage for recreational vehicles. Outdoor storage services are generally the cheapest because they only provide minimal security without any protection against the elements. Covered storage is generally slightly more expensive because not only does it include security, but also protects your vehicle against the cold winter winds. Indoor storage, however, provides the most benefits and is, therefore, the most expensive.

The most common form of recreational vehicle storage is outdoors. Because of the way that the ground below a vehicle is frozen and defrosted throughout the winter months, choosing a storage facility that provides you with an open field is not necessarily the best option. There is a good chance that by springtime, your RV may end up getting stuck in the mud. Instead, gravel parking is always the best option.

One of the drawbacks of outdoor storage is that your RV is not protected from the elements. During the day, the sun will beam down on the roof of the vehicle, and snow may even pile on top of it. As winter melts away into the spring, your vehicle is also at the mercy of rain and hail. For this reason, covered storage is a better option for those who want just a little more protection and security.

The best storage option available is indoor storage. Not only is it the most secure form of storage available today, but it also protects your investment from extreme weather conditions. As the snow falls, any buildup of drifts occurs on the roof of the building and not on the roof of your RV. It also provides an extra layer of security, preventing would-be criminals from being able to “slip over the fence”.

For RV owners in the Piqua, Ohio area, being near Fort Laramie Lake, Indian Lake, St. Mary’s Lake, as well as the many popular local campgrounds is important. Choosing a location that is well-designed, easily accessed, and secure is always the best way of protecting your investment.

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