Processed Topsoil

Processed Topsoil

BJA Enterprises offers professional-grade processed topsoil. Whether you are needing a few yards around your house or a large amount for a commercial job, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality topsoil. To ensure this all of our topsoil is:

  • Ran through a screen to ensure that it is free of any debris
  • Stored in a clean and dry building that is protected from the outdoor elements
  • Wholesale topsoil available
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Our processed topsoil is $35.50 a yard in addition to delivery. Delivery cost in the Piqua area starts at $100.00 a load. We will deliver within a 35 mile radius of Piqua, OH. 

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With each passing year, new plants grow, leaves fall to the ground, and as part of this natural biological cycle, topsoil is created. This upper layer of soil is where most of the organic matter is located at. Consisting of more than just dirt, this layer features a wide variety of minerals, microorganisms, moisture, and air. It provides the perfect conditions for the growth of new plants. It is considered to be the perfect growing medium for any garden, lawn, or pot.

Any homeowner who is attempting to improve the condition of their lawn will require nutrient-rich soil in which to grow grass seedlings. As a result, topsoil is the number one choice for repairing spots in a yard or even filling holes. In general, when overseeding a lawn that has patchy spots, a thin layer of soil can be spread over top in order to protect the seeds and provide them with the nutrients they need to grow.

Gardeners need topsoil as well. Not only is it used two fill up their beds, but it is also used in pots and throughout the yard. The micronutrients, minerals, and microorganisms that can be found in the soil, help gardeners improve the growth of their seedlings.

Because topsoil is organic in nature, it also tends to absorb moisture easily. As a result, it does not drain as well as other types of sand or soil. Many gardeners will often add fillers, such as perlite, to the topsoil in order to improve its draining capabilities.

Topsoil forms naturally in the environment. Every year, as trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter, those leaves fall to the ground and begin to decay. There are many different microorganisms located in the uppermost layers of the soil, which helps to increase the rate of this decay.

When collected from forest lands and other areas where it is more abundant, topsoil is generally lumpy and full of debris like small roots, twigs, leaves, and other organic materials. In its natural form, it is hard to work with. This is why screening topsoil is a necessary process. This screening process removes the lumps and leaves you with a soft and easy to work with material.

Not all topsoil suppliers are able to provide the same quality. Nor are they able to provide large quantities when needed. It is important to ensure that when choosing a topsoil provider, that their product has been thoroughly screened, is free of any excess debris, and that the soil itself is properly stored in a manner that protects it from the outside elements.

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